Kim-Yen Gil

Founder & CEO of 5D Quantum Healing, which focuses on developing conscious leaders, to assist in the awakening of human evolution. Kim is an entrepreneur, international philanthropist, and a Quantum Life Coach, specializing in self-mastery, energy healing, and re-programming the subconscious and cellular memory. She has trained and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs in North America to become successful independent business owners in the financial industry for over 22 years. She is a certified facilitator and trainer of Think & Grow Rich Institute.

Kim-Yen is a metaphysical practitioner and professor focusing on Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, dowsing, quantum spoon bending trainer, energy healer, spiritual coach, inspirational speaker, and media personality. Her unique framework helps people transform trauma and grief into peace and wholeness. Her down-to-earth, honest, no-nonsense and often humorous approach makes her one of the most accessible leaders in the field.

Her purpose is to align individuals to their true Divine Sovereignty by raising them to a higher level of frequency and expand their consciousness of love and light. She has devoted her passion to operate as a conduit of Divine Source, and to shine the light in the world in order to usher those that are ready to discover and develop their intuitive gifts, in remembrance of who they are and step into their purpose.

Kim migrated to the United States as a Vietnam war boat refugee in 1975. She overcame domestic abuse at age 20, at the hands of her first husband. She suffered depression and suicide attempts during young adult years, but through inner strength and determination as a single mother for 18 years, she raised two beautiful daughters while pursuing higher education.

She taught Information Systems & Finance at Cal State University, Fullerton for over 15 years. Despite living her childhood dream as a university professor, she radically transformed her life in 2015 to follow her calling to help free and liberate humanity from the collective trauma of limitations, addictions and attachment sentences that create pain, misery and suffering. Her life dedication is to be of service to assist mankind through the ascension process, during this most crucial time of human history.